The Newborn Set


A set of essential oil blends focused on supporting newborns in those first few months of life.

Includes 5 blends:

🐯 Immunity – when babies are born their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet so this blend will just help to give them that little extra boost
🦄 Fever – and because their immune systems are not 100% developed yet they may be prone to fevers, this blend can help to break the fever and support them on their healing journey 🙏🏼
🐻 Tummy – it’s wild, but their little digestive systems aren’t fully developed yet either! That’s why babies often experience colic, reflux and cramps etc. This blend can help support that little digestive system and ease any discomfort 😇
🐨 Calm – coming into this big bright world can be so overwhelming for our little tiny babes, so be able to support them with this calm blend is a must have 🥰
🐑 Sleep – this one needs no explanation 😅 we all need more sleep right!?

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, blend of pure essential oils. All ingredients are listed on each bottle.

Safety: Always do a patch test. If an adverse reaction occurs discontinue use. Avoid eyes, ears, nose, or sensitive areas.

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to replace chronic medication. If problems persist or worsen please seek the help of a medical professional.